Our Why

We are driven by our mission to elevate the world through supporting world changing, visionary entrepreneurs and their aspirations to make an impact with their personal vision and their creative bodies of work.

Why “Visionary Entrepreneurs”? We currently live in a world where we can easily jump on our online soap box and we have the power to utilize our platforms to educate, uplift and inspire our communities. We support visionary entrepreneurs who use their online platforms to raise awareness about issues that matter, teach valuable tools to enhance lives of others or to spread love with their message.

We believe that your brand & website is not just about the transactions that happen between your business and those you serve, but about having an online home where you teach, connect with and inspire your tribe.


Donna Agnes is the founder and creative force behind The Essence Muse, a brand & web design agency for game-changing entrepreneurs. Donna is passionate about supporting today’s visionary leaders, and believes through her guidance, she provides a vital link to the chain of influential experiences that effect positive global change.

Donna’s soulful design aesthetics translate the message, mission, expertise and unique self-expression of each client. These methodologies have been instrumental in launching the brands & websites of many transformational leaders, including Preston Smiles, Amateo Ra, Natalie Ledwell, Barnet Bain, Zhena Muzyka, Suzy Batiz, and more.

Donna is a practitioner of living your most self-expressed life. It is her strongest intention to inspire the same path in others, and through maximizing their full potential, they will nurture the world with their gifts and creativity.


David is an all around technical genius with a heard of gold. He is the tech magician who turns our visions into reality. He’s not only tech savvy, but also very artistically talented. When he’s not coding and breathing life into our designs, he is illustrating, editing videos or dancing. He is an integral part of delivering our amazing work and fully stand behind our mission to support visionary entrepreneurs.

Client Love

“Donna has been a godsend to my on-line presence. She calls me her soulmate client but its probably because SHE is a soulmate designer. She just gets it. I have received innumerable compliments on my site and my opt- in numbers have gone up. I finally feel like “I am being expressed” on my webpages. Thank you, Donna! Your originality and skills are premium.”

Renee Airya, Conscious Business Mentor, Healer, Co-Founder of RARE Media

“I can say that working with Donna Arrogante on building NatalieLedwell.com was an absolute pleasure. Not only does she meet her deadlines and produces beautiful, stunning work, I found her to be receptive of feedback and able to translate my vision into a beautiful website. I feel Donna completely understood my purpose, vision and message and expressed that creatively in classy, clean, chic and professional way. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of “Mind Movies”, host of “The Inspiration Show”


“Donna is an incredibly talented, colorful and creative designer. It’s so refreshing to work with such a talented digital artist who also has such an elite level of professionalism in her work. We’ve had the honor of working with Donna and David on several elaborate and complex projects, for which they have managed with an almost effortless delivery and pushed the boundaries of design, aesthetic and seamless technical experience. She is truly an expert in her craft.”

Brooke Alexandra, www.BrookeAlexandra.tv

“Donna has “knock your socks off talents” that I’d recommend to anyone. I didn’t know I had website shame. She knew exactly what to ask to bring out my essence and create designs that would best relay my message authentically. Within hours of announcing my new website launch my list started to grow. I shine whenever I send someone to my website!”

Luci McMonagle, Abundance Breakthrough Coach, www.lucimcmonagle.com

“MUSE: a force personified as a female energy, who is the source for inspiration and innovative ideas. Donna Arrogante is truly The Essence Muse!  She has an amazing ability to capture your true voice. Through her creative visions, she is able to magnify your purpose and mission, and bring out an artistic representation to translate the most raw and unique version of you! I am forever grateful to for her help with translating my essence and developing my authentic brand. She is not only professional, but she is purpose driven, soulful, intuitive and beyond knowledgeable in her expertise!”

Aubrey Elizaga, Conscious Nutritionist & Yogi

“Donna is the best designer we’ve worked with in the 40+ years we’ve been creating workshops and seminars. She is quick and technically savvy, open to feedback and collaboration, and delightfully positive. Donna pro-actively suggests changes that transform an okay design into a brilliantly engaging one, and she brings a blend of modern awareness, spaciousness and warmth to her unique work. I highly recommend collaborating for projects you really care about making effective.”

Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks, The Hendricks Institute

“Donna was such a pleasure to work with! She listened to all of our ideas and visions, and helped us make our dream website a reality. She designed such incredible work that truly painted the picture of our mission and brand. We highly recommend her to anyone wanting to launch their brands and passions to the world!”

The Flourish Foundation Team

“Donna’s exquisite design standards, beautiful communication skills and ability to intuit her clients’ heart and soul in the language of design are all matched with a stellar level of organization and professionalism. She is the best of all worlds and I am ever grateful to her partnership in designing Zhena.TV and bringing forth brand that speaks to the soul.”

Zhena Muzyka, author of “Life By The Cup”, publisher at Enliven – Simon & Schuster

“Working with Donna was a dream come true. For 6 years I tried to find the right designer who understood my personal brand. I wasted so much time and money on design styles that I had to toss out. With one simple conversation with Donna, she was able to completely understand the look, feel and message I wanted to put out to the world. Her designs were all clean, clear and spoke to the very essence of my business. Donna is the real deal, an absolute treasure and a joy to work with. If you don’t believe me, just look at my website, podcast art, logo!”

Kamala Chambers, Launch Strategist and Podcast Host  www.thrivinglaunch.com

“I want to be on record as saying that I consider Donna  to be absolutely indispensible to my work.  There is no brand designer that I am aware of who balances such uncommon attunement to her clients’ personal style and needs, yet also manages to bring 100% of her own refined taste and passion to the collaboration.  It is an unbeatable combination!”

Barnet Bain, transformative filmmaker, Director of “Milton’s Secret”, author of “The Book Of Doing and Being”

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