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Let me answer a question for you that I will ask in a moment: SURE YOU HAVE!

What am I talking about? It’s an epidemic that’s been consuming you and your fellow solopreneurs and it’s called “Brand-envy-itis”.

And the question is… Have you EXPERIENCED this?

If you haven’t noticed by now, success in our industry is measured by how we stand out, how we’re different, how we crush our fellow competitors by being smarter, more original and authentic. And this requires for us to generate more ideas and act on them before any one else does.

BUT we do hit a moment when we can’t keep up with the Joneses. And I have been there many times!

Being a designer and a creative entrepreneur is a blessing and a curse because I’m always stimulated by ideas and once I execute one, better ideas flow through that the past ideas just seem blahhh.

This also causes an epidemic I like to call “Brand-envy-itis”. It’s when I see other well executed designs of other brands that my ideas feel womp womppp and it makes me want to shrink down and hide under a rock.

Being a branding expert, I experience this many times in my work and I see my clients go through it as well. It’s a paralyzing feeling and very disempowering!

But over the years, I’ve developed some tools that I use to snap myself out of being consumed by this epidemic and I’d like to share them with you! They’ve helped me appreciate my work, especially the process of developing a brand with my clients.

So I hope you enjoy today’s episode of Brand Essence TV!

Do you have Brand-envy-itis? If so, how do YOU deal with it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below the video, I’d love to hear from you!

To your captivating online presence,