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When you think about building your brand, do you get over-stimulated with ideas that enter your mind? Or do you want just run away and hide?

Either way, I understand.

Branding yourself is not something you do before you launch into the world of business just once! It’s an ever evolving process that will pull you into different directions from time to time.

 Though it may seem overwhelming, let me tell you why all these brand evolution phases are GOOD for your business!

 See, when you feel like you’re ready for the next step, that only means that you’ve utilized your current strategies the best you can. And in our world, trial & error are our besets friends.

But there is one thing that you constantly need to be attentive with, especially during your transitions, and that is your INTENTION. 

When your intention is in tact, you will have more clarity after all of the trials and errors, after all the time and money invested in your marketing – after you’ve tried it ALL.

So be clear on WHY you’re investing time and money into everything you do and operate from the core of your intentions. I can’t promise that your journey will be easy, but you will become wiser and grateful for it!

In spirit of leading with our intention, I created an episode about writing copy with TONE. I break down why it’s important to create copy that moves your audience and ideas to help you get over the writer’s hump in order to get your message across clearly and deliberately.

 Most importantly, this video will help you write copy with…. you guessed it! Intention! (Ding ding ding!)

So check out today’s episode of Brand Essence TV! You’d be glad you did! =)

I hope you enjoy this video! I sure did enjoy making it and presenting you with my best stuff! If you want to give me some love or thoughts on this topic, leave me a comment below. THANK YOU!!!

To your captivating online presence,