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Do you ever feel stuck when writing content for your blog, site copy or video scripts?

I know the feeling!

I remember when I first started writing copy for my website. I thought that, since I’m so knowledgeable about my topic, everything I wanted to communicate was going to flow out of me like butter.

Boy, was I dead wrong!

Everything that came out of me made me sound like an encyclopedia. I have never felt so stuck, disempowered and I even had an identity crisis! I knew I had great knowledge to share but I didn’t know how to share it in a way that felt like ME. Even worse, this obstacle was preventing me from giving value and start connecting with you.

I didn’t want to just lay out information that you could google up anyways, I wanted to deliver my content with MY own original flare and with my magic dust sprinkled all over it!

That experience taught me two very valuable lessons:

1. Be humble and learn the skills you need to learn in order to better serve others.  

As a branding expert, you’d think I’d already figured this out! But turns out that it is so much easier to help others find their brand voice ( or help them with anything) because I come from a different perspective. So, after much resistance and acceptance, I got pulled up my sleeves to find MY brand voice.

And so, here I am in front of you, still alive and kickin’ (with my glitter shoes) because it was THAT important to me that I get here, while being my (generous + goofy) self. 😉

On today’s episode of Brand Essence TV, I give you my 3 step formula to finding your brand voice so that you can wholeheartedly connect with your audience with your communication and share valuable content while being authentically YOU.

I know there’s a voice inside of you that’s authentic and irresistible. I can’t wait for the world to experience your originality and special attributes!

To your captivating online presence,