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Do you ever enjoy something so much that although you’re helping people, it still feels downright selfish? If so then, HIGH FIVE!

This is exactly how I feel about creating my videos. Each week, I get so excited to formulate my episode, figure out where to throw in the funny breaks and dissect my formulas or step by step strategies so that you can digest them easily. But the part that feels selfish about it is, that I get to connect with my creative source.

I believe that we are all blessed with that creative power. It’s just a matter of acknowledging it’s there and knowing how to channel it. And I truly believe that when you invest in your own creativity, you can serve at an even higher level. Why? Because not only are you teaching important advice and information that will help your tribe get to the next level, but you’re showing an example of the freedom that is possible for others to attain as well.

SIGH. I know! How privileged are we to do this!??

When I started Brand Essence TV, I knew I wanted to do more than just teach about branding, but I wanted to help others tap into their creativity, which I believe is the most important asset that we have as entrepreneurs. Thus the show is about UNLEASHing your creativity as well.

So, I invite you to watch this video about how to Brand Yourself as an Expert while serving your creativity!

I hope this video helps you have more fun creating content for your audience!

I’d love to know what you thought of this video! If you had any “aha” moments, I’d love to hear about them!

To your captivating online presence,