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Do you ever go back in time when you were younger and realize all the bold decisions that you’ve made? Sure, you may have made some decisions that make you slap your forehead in shame today, but just imagine who you were back then, assuming your were nonchalantly bold and carefree.

In high school, I would to wear orange clothing everyday. I’ve dyed my hair all sorts of colors, until I just kept it a certain color (you guessed it, ORANGE!). And it’s how my high school friends remember me until this day!

See, I didn’t even know that I was branding myself as this girl who loved the color orange, even though deep down, I was making a bigger statement than that. I didn’t want to look or act like anyone else. Doing so meant I was going to be a statistic and blend into a crowd of sameness.

So what made me make those bold decisions? Why did I want to desperately stand out and not look like anyone else? Well after much reflection, I have discovered why.

I wanted to express my originality! Yes, ORIGINALITY!

Which brings me to presenting today’s Brand Essence TV episode!

You may have noticed by now that I bring up the topic of creativity in almost all my videos. This is because I believe that this is the greatest asset that we have as entrepreneurs and as people! And it’s through your creativity that you can CULTIVATE ORIGINALITY.

In this video, I break down the reasons why it’s important to tap into your creativity and examples of what you can put into practice to discover your own creative process so that you can have a ONE OF A KIND BRAND.

I also have some very special guests, so don’t miss the AbunDANCE break!

I’d love to know if you discover any “aha” moments from this video. I’d love to hear from you! So please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below this video!

This is probably my favorite video so far because I combine so many passions in one; branding, teaching, dance and being with my loved ones.

I hope you enjoy it!

To your captivating online presence,