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As I was planning out my goals for 2015, one of the things I decided improve was the preparation process of launching my clients’ brands. So, I dissected my current process now and finessed some strategies that I KNOW will be super helpful for you.

And guess which one we’ll be starting with? The copywriting process!

The copywriting process is the most difficult task of building and launching a brand. Whether you hire a copywriter or you write your own stuff, it takes massive amount of effort and time to get in the flow of writing. But before you even get to that point, you need to discover your own brand voice that sounds authentic and communicate your message clearly from that source.

Along with a professional looking websites, your site’s copy can make you or break you. This is why I highly respect copywriters for their skills and I aspire to become the best copywriter I could be.

I do want to stress that although you are capable of writing great copy, there needs to be some strategy with how it will come together with your website. And this is where I come in…

In this video, I break down how to best prepare for your website’s copywriting process. Have you ever heard of the saying “shoot for the edit”?  Well, for website copy, I call this “write for the launch”.

On today’s episode of Brand Essence TV, you will learn:
– the #1 mistake entrepreneurs make when writing copy before launching a website
– how to create a structure of your website content (so you don’t write copy blindly)
– how to prepare your copy documents for your web designer (so they save time and you save money)

I hope you enjoy this video! And don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comment section below. =)

To your captivating online presence,