I recently got interviewed by the lovely Linda Summers for her Conscious Talk Radio show.

During this interview, I shared:

– My creative process on how I help my clients to translate their essence  into a magnetic brand. (It’s really is a combination of intuition and creativity, plus the practicality of how to communicate your value.)

– I also share the formula to translating your essence into your visual brand and the simple blueprint to launching your business online.

But what I loved so much about this interview was that I was able to share what drives me to do what I do. It all started when I visited my homeland (Philippines) after 20 years of migrating here to the US.

As I look back to all I’ve endured in my life- all the twists and turns and all the dramatic changes in my lifestyle, I realized I’ve been (divinely) guided to become the person I’m meant to be so that I can do what I do today, since day one!

What a miracle that is!

To hear about the full story, watch the video below.