It’s never been so easy to get your business up and running online. Resources are a dime a dozen, and more coaches, consultants and experts are launching themselves in a sea of solo-preneurs. What a great time we live in, right?!
But now a days, people are using the same templates for websites and it’s getting even harder to differentiate yourself from others.
Plus, I’m also seeing a lot of misalignment with colors, fonts and graphics that are repelling the right type of people to attract. It just breaks my heart to see them!
Because I know that with a few strategic tweaks, those websites can look a lot more professional, trustworthy and can convert a lot more visitors into clients.
But I’m here to make sure you don’t make the same #BrandingSins.
I know your tribe is out there, waiting for you to connect with them.
Your visual branding should be a reflection of your SOUL and your INTENTIONS on how you want to serve your tribe.
And a powerful way for you to do so is by having a solid visual brand that will speak of who you authentically are AND make you a magnet to those you want to attract.
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What does it take to have a solid visual brand?

Make sure that you have these key elements on your website:

1. A color scheme that evokes the vibe that you want your audience to emotionally respond to

2. Fonts that convey the type of personality that you have with your copy

3. Photography that speaks of your value, message and character louder than words can say.

4. Textures and patterns that gives your overall branding a layer of character an originality

5. A logo that is iconic and easily recognizable


Here are an example of a style guide and how the elements inspired and were utilized on this website:

ViBE_StyleGuide_05         portfolio4_Renee
As you can see, the colors are utilized based on what’s most prominent, the fonts are have a similar feel and the style of the photography are not similar, but it’s definitely inspired by the quality of the photos in the style guide.
Now, here are 3 Golden Rules about visual branding that you must not break! (Or else you’ll be committing #BrandingSins!)
Rule #1: Make sure you have 3 visual brand essence words (ViBE for short), which are 3 descriptive words that you use as the theme or direction for your branding elements.

ViBE words could be NATURAL / WARM / CHEERFUL
Rule #2: All of your elements must look good cohesively together as a package.
Rule #3: Be consistent with your design elements. Don’t use other fonts or other colors, especially on different platforms.
For example, here’s my visual branding on my website:

Screenshot 2015-11-03 21.19.53
And here’s my visual branding on my Facebook page banner:




So, how do you know what colors, fonts and photos work for you?

Well it will take time to explore this, but a way to get started is by following these 3 steps:
Step 1: Know thy industry and the standards of what branding and designs elements are being used to make you easily identifiable that you belong in your market.
Step 2: Know thy audience and what they emotionally respond to in order for them to be drawn to what you’re offering as a service.
Step 3: Know thy self and your unique qualities that compliments your expertise.


Based on your answers, study how colors affect the appeal of your visual brand. And to help you, here’s a diagram created by The Logo Company about how colors emotionally affect us and how they’re utilized in different industries:




And here are some examples of visual branding themes I’ve designed for you that pertain to different niches and markets in the coaching, consultant and expert space:

Life Coaches:






Wellness Coaches:



Business Coaches for Females:

So, based on your industry, what emotions you want your audience to FEEL and your unique qualities, what top colors, fonts and images show up most consistently for you?

Lastly, don’t be afraid to test things out and ask your audience what they think. Just because you love your brand identity, it doesn’t mean it will convert.
So test, test, test it out!

To help you shop for some looks, I’ve designed some visual branding style guides JUST FOR YOU!
Just follow the steps I shared with you from above, and sign up to get your FREE visual branding theme templates. After that, all you need to do is choose your fave, download them, PIN them on your pinterest board, or show them to your brand designer! Easy peasy!
Enjoy the themes and have a blast designing your visual brand!
And I hope you find the visual identity that makes you proud to share your gifts with the world!

To your captivating online presence,

P.S. Let me know in the comments below what theme you chose.
And if you didn’t see one that works for you, let me know what you’d like to see by giving me your 3 ViBE words, your target audience and your industry!