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You know that feeling when suddenly you realize the reason behind all your passion and drive? Yep, that happened to me!

When I was 9 years old, I moved here, to the U.S. from the Philippines with my family. Settling in my new life was very difficult for me as I tried to fit in with my classmates because I didn’t know how to connect with them. (I didn’t know how to speak proper English).

I remember the emptiness I felt each day as I walked home from school because I couldn’t fully be myself. It slowly killed my soul.

There’s nothing more disempowering than having a burning desire to speak and share your passion, but not know how to articulate in a way that feels true to you and connects with people.

Little did I know that my whole life has been all about nurturing that of freedom to SELF EXPRESS and it’s the very reason why I am so passionate about branding!

I want to help people unleash the fullest expression of themselves through creativity, so that they can communicate from their core & translate their true essence on their online platforms, most importantly, throughout every aspect of their lives!

So in spirit of this, I’ve created a YouTube channel all about discovering your voice so you can amplify your message.

Please join me in celebrating the first episode of Brand Essence TV!
(Yes, you may do your victory dance now!)

On this special episode, I’m going to reveal the (gentle) truth about what your online brand REALLY is!

I hope this video makes you smile and liberate you from false expectations about creating your online brand.

Let’s take this leap of faith together to allow our freedom of self expression and online business flourish in the same world!

To your captivating online brand,

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